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Or Fekler

Educational and Neuro-Psychologist

Brief info

Hi, my name is Or Fekler, and I am a licenced Educational Psychologist and Neuropsychologist (M.A). As a teenager, I moved with my family from Israel to Belgium, where I studied in an English speaking international school. Furthermore, while studying for my B.A, I attended a semester abroad, at Mcgill University in Montreal, Canada. Therefore, I'm familiar with relocation experiences, which drives my motivation to assist children, teenagers, or adults who are going through similar transitions. Professionally, I treat and evaluate children, youth, and adults (including parent counselling), who face diverse difficulties, such as: immigration, anxiety, depression, behavioural or learning disorders, ADHD, as well as general life obstacles, and challenges in romantic or familial relationships, occupation and parenting. I am fluent in both English and Hebrew. In the last decade, I've worked in the public sector in hospitals and in the educational system in kindergartens and schools. Nowadays, I focus my work in the private sector. I apply an integrative psychotherapy approach, incorporating psychodynamic and CBT methods and tailoring them according to the specific patient. In therapy as well as in assessments, I aspire to strengthen self-awareness, acceptance and efficacy, and also to supply cognitive, behavioural and practical tools, all in order to increase the client's functionality and quality of lif