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Educational Psychologist

Phone: 0544993475
Address: Ner Halaila 11, Even Yehuda
Brief info

• Educational psychologist with over 12 years of experience
• 8 years of experience working with Israeli and International schools
• Professional expertise in bilingual psycho-educational evaluations adapted to the requirements of different countries
• Psychoanalytic psychotherapy graduate from the Israeli Winnicott Center
• Extensive experience working with international families

Throughout my years of work, I have accompanied numerous families in transition to other countries and in their return to Israel. While I am keenly aware of the challenges that international families may face, I am also aware of the growth and development opportunities that are available to them.
Throughout my career, I have found that it is essential to identify and capitalize on my clients' strengths, natural skills, and abilities, so that they can develop the resilience and coping skills necessary to adjust to when transitioning and relocating to new countries.

When I was nine years old, I emigrated from the United Kingdom to Israel, leaving behind close family and friends. Initially in an absorption center in Raanana, I remember my first experiences as positive but lonely as I had yet to make friends. Transitioning to Hebrew came easily to me and I gradually settled down. Academically however, I never prospered. I was challenged by the complexity of learning in Hebrew, which is very different to communicating in it. I began failing academically which then led to other challenges. To cut things short, I eventually found the inner strength and outer support and was able to make wonderful gains. Today however, I know things can be done differently.
When families receive the appropriate guidance and support, they can overcome challenges, adjust and settle in to new environments and cultures, and that is exactly what I am committed to doing today.
Throughout my career as an educational psychologist and therapist, I have been able to draw on my experience as a newcomer, integrated with my theoretical knowledge and professional experience to support families and children as they adjust and develop wellbeing after relocating.

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