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Who We Are

We're a multicultural, bilingual team of psychologists specializing in various fields. Our experience ranges from educational psychology to child, adolescent, adult and parental counseling and we have a strong background in assisting families during transitional phases.

What We Do

We offer services tailored for international families, including globally recognized Psychoeducational Testing to identify learning and emotional challenges, or giftedness. Our Psychotherapy services include individual, couples, and family therapy addressing mental health issues and life transitions. Our Parental Counseling supports parents in managing behavioral concerns, strengthening familial relationships, and navigating educational systems.

What Drives Us

A profound understanding that every child possesses talents and strengths that can be identified, developed, and mobilized to overcome challenges.

Psycho-Educational Testing

Psychological testing offers an empowering experience that delivers valuable insights into a child's strengths and vulnerabilities, benefiting children, parents, and teachers. Consequently, it enhances understanding of each child's distinctive learning style for teachers and parents, while empowering children to advocate for themselves more effectively.

Play Therapy

The purpose of play therapy is to offer children a means to express themselves and work through issues that they may face in a safe and playful environment.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy utilizes psychoanalytic theories as the frame for formulation and understanding of the therapy process. These multiple theories apply to the psychotherapy situation, with a focus on increasing self understanding and deepening insight into emotional issues and conflicts which underlie the presenting difficulties (ApsaA).
Who We Are

Gabi Johnson, Educational Psychologist

Owner and Manager

As an experienced psychologist, my primary focus is on offering therapeutic services and psychological testing to expatriate individuals and families. My journey in this specialized field has spanned several years, during which I have come face-to-face with the unique complexities and challenges that living in a foreign country presents. Through a comprehensive understanding of these challenges, I have been able to assist many families as they transition and adapt to their new circumstances, offering vital support and guidance during these often challenging times. I have gained a deep understanding of the unique psychological stressors associated with relocation, their impacts, and the tailored therapeutic approaches that can significantly alleviate these effects.

My professional approach is driven by personalization and empathy. I firmly believe that each client has a unique story, with specific experiences and challenges that call for customized therapeutic strategies. I strive to develop a deep understanding of each client’s needs, which allows me to create personalized, effective therapy plans that address their specific issues, promote personal growth, and help them thrive in their new environment.

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